Saturday, February 27, 2010


This is going to be brief, since I don't think it's currently my place to post a sourdough recipe. First of all, there are a million and 1 out there. Like here for example. I will say, I got the gist of my recipe from Bernard Clayton's New Complete Book of Bread, which is the best bread book I have had the pleasure of working with.This is a strong recommendation because bread baking is my first and best kitchen love. I try to supply all of my bread kneads via my two hands and my red counter top, and everything I have made out of this book, including my sourdough starter, has been excellent. However, secondly, typing up a bread recipe is a pain in the ass. At some point, I'll do it, but for now I just want to highlight sourdough as particularly vegan friendly and generally the best bread ever.

1. Umami. Again. Think fermented things like kimchi. And sourdough. Among other things, this means this bread has a super rich flavor without the spreading of the butter (something I will also have more to say on later).

2. According to several sources - including an amazing pamphlet on "real" sourdough that my father discovered somewhere and gave to everyone but me for Xmas - the fermentation process the dough undergoes before baking makes the wheat in sourdough bread easier to digest and thus often acceptable fare for people with wheat allergies.

3. Resists molding and staling.

4. Is exceptionally awesome paired with the red lentil soup below.

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